Dental Clinical Services

General dentistry.


At the helm of this area is Dr Lucrecia Botella, who works in collaboration with two other dentists:

Dr Macarena Botella and Dr Josie Mariangeles Salloum.


Our Auxiliary Team:


Hygienist and Dental Prosthetist (Anastasia), general nurse (Maria del Mar), 3 clinic auxiliaries (Jennifer, Yoana and Katerina), 2 receptionists (Angelica and Mamen) and a Dental Prosthetist (Alvaro Diaz).


Our most relevant services:


·         Fillings.

·         Root canals.

·         Prosthetic rehabilitations both fixed and removable with CAD-CAM techniques (Using the latest technological materials such as synthetized zirconium).

·         Aesthetic reconstruction through composite veneers.

·         Ferules to prevent bruxism or teeth grinding.

·         Dental cleaning. 

·         Normal extractions.

·         Children dentistry.


Specialties, according to type:


Advanced rehabilitation and implantology with discretional transport service to the International Medimar Hospital in Alicante.


Highest quality implants manufactured in Sweden: Nobel Active Biocare with guarantee for life, fitted by the internationally renowned maxillofacial doctor Ruben Davo.


Complete rehabilitation of the superior and inferior maxillary called ‘All on four’ and ‘All on Six’.


Zygomatic implants when there is lack of bone in the upper jaw, with hospital intervention in the facilities of Davo Institute at the International Medimar Hospital in Alicante.


Bone grafting for implants. Maxillary cysts.



Specialist in gum disease.

(Dr Mª Jose Moya Villasescusa, Periodontics professor at the University of Murcia, Faculty of Odontology and Stomatology).




- Extraction of complicated teeth such as wisdom teeth.

- Third molar extraction.




Correction in the movement of teeth in order to achieve better occlusion.

(That top teeth close evenly with bottom teeth).


Our orthodontics treatment guarantee success in two years maximum, through monthly check-ups. There are different types of treatments: usual metal braces and white ceramic braces.  




Our surgeon has studied in Michigan and specializes in highly complicated extractions by using the latest and most developed dentistry techniques. .



We work with the most advanced technology:

- 3D oral scanner with tele and orthopantomography.
- Computer guided surgery.
- Computer designing systems for dental prosthesis.