Dental Implants Against Dentures

Once upon a time, days have gone when one suffered from an embarrassment of living life with missing teeth. The world is more beautiful and modern now than earlier.


In Lucrecia Botella we have many alternative dental restorative treatments. If you have lost your one or more teeth due to accidents, decays or aging, you need not worry. Avail a highly suitable dental procedure today and secure your smile and oral functions forever again.


Let us explain you the main differences between dental implants and dentures. Again, it’s a matter of journeying from ancient time to modernity, where these both treatments will differ from each other.


In Torrevieja, we offer both of them.




Dentures have been present in their bony and ivory forms for decades. They are not comfortable oral solutions to one’s lost teeth. They often come with many challenges when it comes to wearing and maintaining them.


Difficulties with dentures


First of all, the dentures are not fixed. They may move or slip away from their place, causing much of discomfort in speaking and eating. How an oral appearance is distorted may be a horrible story too.

One may also have to apply some adhesives or paste to secure the dentures in the place. It’s an unpleasant experience to the denture wearers.

They may also lead to some gum irritation or sores.

One may require their eventual replacement for cleaning and maintenance.

Wearing the partial denture may also lead to a condition where one may need a full denture. The dentures may not help in the bone preservation of jaws. It can further cause jawbone recession or facial asymmetry.


Dentures offer cost effectiveness against dental implants.


In Lucrecia Botella we have the best results.


Dental Implants


Implant-supported dentures that are fixed in your mouth.  Anchored firmly into the living bone tissue, dental implants provide the stimulation and support needed to prevent bone from being lost. The bone in your jaw actually fuses to the implant, due to the remarkable osseophilic (bone-loving) properties of titanium, the metal of which dental implants are made.

The cosmetic dentistry has given a powerful gift to humankind, and it’s none other than but the “DENTAL IMPLANTS”.


Dental implants are a permanent solution to one’s missing or damaged teeth.


Advantages of dental implants


In Lucrecia Botella, the dental implants are a long-lasting oral solution. They are durable and will even last forever if preserved well.

They will look and function like our natural teeth. They help in enhancing one’s smile as well as speaking and eating capabilities. They give good facial balance too.

They are fixed, not slippery. One will have no hassles to replace them, and it will rather be easier to clean and maintain them.

Once implanted, they will also preserve our jawbones, eliminating any risks of gum and bone recession or facial collapse.


They are more expensive than the dentures.


But, seeing the benefits of dental implants over dentures, What will you prefer?


Come and visit us in Torrevieja.

Check all our dental services.

Smile again. Never stop doing.


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